Plump your pout with dermal fillers – cosmetic treatments for FAB lips

Flip through any magazine or scroll through your instagram feed and everywhere you look there are flawless pouts. Can you feel the envy building as you stare into yet another pair of plump, perky lips with perfectly defined cupid’s bows?

Relax – there’s a simple and relatively painless solution to all your lustreless lip woes. As Perth’s leading and trusted health professionals in quality and progressive cosmetic treatments, we can introduce you to the beauty Holy Grail of dermal fillers.

100% animal free, our dermal fillers are manufactured and purified in sterile laboratories to produce an injectable gel that can dramatically reverse the devastating power of time, gravity and exposure to the elements on your face.

The miracle ingredient in our filler treatment is the naturally occurring sugar in human skin, which helps maintain skin hydration by attracting and retaining water. This ingenious element is then combined with collagen and elastin to help build the perfect cocktail of structure and elasticity in your skin, not to mention that gorgeous ‘kiss me’ pout you’ve been envying.

At FAB Inc. our dermal fillers are placed below the skin’s surface to subtly plump up problematic areas to eradicate undesirable lines, wrinkles and folds, leaving you with beautifully restored lips that instantly appear full, smooth and undeniably youthful. Easily administered by our trained professionals in less than 30 minutes*, our non-surgical dermal fillers procedure will have you back on schedule for brunch or your favourite yogalates class in no time. In additional to the minimal down time, our FAB dermal fillers are devoid of muscle-relaxing properties so you can rest assured you won’t suffer from the dreaded ‘trout pout’ effect.

Our dermal fillers last from 18 months up to 2 years, ensuring you won’t have to worry about your fresh pout disappearing any time soon.

Hooked yet? In additional to saving or simply granting you with the lips you deserve, our dermal treatment can also help you say goodbye to marionette folds (unwanted droopy corners of your lips), accordion lines (smile lines), temple hollowing and dreaded dark circles just to name a few.

To further indulge your FAB self, why not explore the rest of our speciality medical wellness treatments, from exclusive Obagi chemical peels to IPL hair removal, we can help you achieve the glowing summer-ready body of your dreams. Take a look through our Treatments section to find out more about Face & Body’s range of cosmetic skin therapies.

We prides ourselves on being more than just another Perth cosmetic practice - we are the leaders in our field, providing an innovative and personable local establishment for the cosmetic wellness needs of discerning male and female clients.

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*Procedure times can vary due to the size of the treatment area. Please consult

our professionals for more details.

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